Although people join DMGMC for many reasons, the organization’s primary focus is music. As a gay men’s chorus, DMGMC has a unique opportunity to represent the gay community and to highlight the gifts and skills of gay musicians. Music touches hearts in ways words alone never will. By being a part of DMGMC, you set yourself apart as a proud example to others who may not have positive gay role models.  The Chorus is comprised entirely of volunteer singers and membership is open to all.  The small ensemble group, HarMENy, is open by audition.  

What You Should Expect From the Chorus

       Joining DMGMC provides you with opportunities to:

  • Perform with others for a variety of audiences in Central Iowa

  • Rehearse vocal selections under the direction of a competent and prepared artistic staff

  • Be provided a schedule and resources to individually prepare and perform quality music

  • Socialize in a positive and productive environment

  • Make a difference in the Central Iowa LGBTQ and broader communities